Contact Followups are a simple method to ensure you always stay in touch. You can use them to set how often you want to communicate with specific contacts - we'll then alert you to reach out in the form of an email.

To set a Contact Followup, first go to the profile of the contact you'd like to set the followup for. If you haven't set one yet you'll see a red flag on their profile, pictured below. 

You can set followups for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Once you select the followup time period, we'll alert you if there is no communication between you and the contact within that given time period. However, if there is communication between you and the contact before the given period ends, the followup timer will reset.

For example, if I set a 2 week followup for Ben but we email 1 week later, the followup will now be set to trigger in an additional 2 weeks (barring we don't communicate again).

When a contact followup does trigger, you'll receive an email with their information that pulls up their profile in our sidebar. Here's a look at what a contact followup alert looks like:

Once you set a followup it will stick until you delete it, which can de done by clicking the trashcan icon. Using the example above, this means If I don't email Valerie for another month after receiving the first followup alert, I'll receive another email just like this.

Logging Interactions

Not all of our interactions are via email, so FollowUp enables you to account for these situations by logging other interactions you have with your contacts.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click the pencil icon on your contact's followup period

2. Select the type of interaction (Phone, SMS, In Person, or Social Network)
3. (Optional) Add details about the interaction - this will create a new note for you
4. Select the time and date of the interaction

If you decide to write a note, the note time displayed will be when you logged the interaction. The time you selected for the interaction will be shown at the bottom of the note, as seen below.

Just like sending an email will reset your contact's followup timer, a logged interaction will  reset it based off the time that you selected for the interaction.

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