When you sign into FollowUp Personal CRM for the first time, we immediately begin importing your Google "My Contacts". It's important to note that these contacts are different than Google's "Other Contacts". To define each:

My Contacts - a list of people that you have specifically added as contacts, which are accessible from the Gmail dropdown under the Google logo (pictured below).
Other Contacts - a list of everyone you have ever contacted.

*Note - For those who don't have many (or any) Google My Contacts, that's ok! We make it easy to add contacts directly from email threads, which you can learn about here.

The way it works is anytime you add a new contact to either FollowUp Personal CRM or Google Contacts, we'll sync that contact to the other platform. To get into the specifics:

  • Changes and additions to contacts will be synced from Google Contacts to FUP and vice versa. 
  • Deletions in FollowUp will sync to Google Contacts, however, deletions from Google Contacts do not currently sync to FollowUp.
  • Contact Merges are not synced in either direction.

Incoming sync time (Google Contacts to FollowUp) varies, and can take up to 24 hours but typically occurs within 15 minutes. Outgoing sync times is always almost immediate.

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