To add a note to a contact, start by opening the contact profile of the person you would like to add a note to. Click on the Note tab and you will see the note field, pictured below:

Our note field has an infinite number of lines so you'll never run out of space for your note. To add a new line just press enter - this will not complete the note, and instead move down to begin a new line of text.

If you want a larger writing space to save your thoughts click the cornered square icon to the right of Add Note. You will see our notes section pop out from the sidebar to give you more room to visually work with. 

Once the note is finalized it will look like this:

Viewing Notes 

To keep things clean and save you space, we only display the first few words of your note in your contact's profile. To view the entire note, click on the note. Here you will see the entire content of the note, along with the option to edit the note.

Editing/Deleting Notes 

Need to edit a note? Simply click on Edit button after selecting the specific note you would like to change. When you are editing the note, you'll notice a trashcan icon, will delete the note if clicked (pictured below). When you edit a note it will keep its original time and date creation.

Displayed Notes

When you click on a contact's profile you will only see the three most recent notes you have taken on the contact. To view previous notes, click the purple "Show All" text at the bottom. To the right of this text is a number that indicates the amount of notes not shown on the profile.

Once this text is clicked, you will the full list of notes you have taken for the contact.

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