Our Personal CRM enables you to easily search through your contacts without leaving your inbox. 

Just click the magnifying glass at the top right of the sidebar. You can now search by name, email, or company. 

Our search utilizes partial complete, so when searching you can use either the first or last part of your contact, company or email.  As you can see below, typing just the letter P gave us a list of contacts based on a name, company or email.

Do note that your search will look a little different when you search your contacts and already have a contact open. It would look like this (pictured below):

I searched for my contact and they didn't show up, but they are in still in my contacts. 

Please email us at hello@followup.cc , and let us know which contact is causing this is occurring for. 

Do you have plans to expand the search features? 

Yes! We are exploring additional search functionality as we grow our product. 

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