Scheduling a Reminder for a Contact

To schedule a reminder for a contact, start by opening the contact profile of the person you would like to set a reminder for. Click on the Reminders tab, which will bring you to the menu pictured below. 

Write the title of your Reminder title then click the "When" field to select when you want the reminder to trigger. You can choose one of our pre-set reminder times such as "Tomorrow, in 2 days, or Next month". These will all be in relation to the day you set the reminder.  

After you select one of these options, the time field will appear and display as you see in the image below. You can now select the time of day you would like the reminder to trigger.

Using the Reminder Calendar Picker

To pick a specific date for the reminder to trigger, click the "Choose date" option with the calendar icon. This will bring you to our reminder calendar picker, where you can select the day and month for your reminder (pictured below).

Setting Recurring Reminders

If you'd like to set a recurring reminder, click the "recurring" option at the bottom of the drop down. Chose recurring and elect every day, week, month, or year. Once you have your date selected, you can choose what time you want the reminder to be delivered to your inbox. 

How Reminders Look in your Calendar

Reminders will show in your calendar under the "FollowUp" calendar, which is created when you set your first reminder. To remove FollowUp reminders from your calendar, just click the FollowUp calendar color and it will disappear from your viewing.

What happens when a reminder is due?

When a reminder triggers it appears in your inbox just like a normal email. The example below was a Test email to show what a reminder email will look like, displaying the contact info and subject of the reminder.

You will notice you have snooze option in the center of the email. Snoozing a reminder allows you to put it back to sleep until a later time. Selecting one of the snooze times will automatically update your reminder to display the new time.  

How do I cancel or reschedule a reminder? 

Reminders can be edited from either a contact's profile or the upcoming view. Simply click on a reminder and make your changes, then select the "Update Reminder" button. To delete the reminder, click the trash icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the reminder tab.

Good Uses for Reminders

While we encourage you to use reminders as you wish - some suggested uses for reminders are:

  • Reminder to follow up a new contact that you recently met
  • Reminder to complete a project or task related to a contact
  • Recurring reminder to reach out to an important contact or co-worker every month
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