Events from Contact Profiles

To schedule an event directly from your inbox, click on the contact profile you would like to schedule the event with and select the Event tab. 

Select which month and day you would like the event to fall on, then click OK. Next, you can select the location of the event, which pulls directly from Google.   

You can add additional guests to join the meeting by inputting their email at the bottom of the event tab. Your guests will receive an invitation just like they would with a typical calendar event.

Our meetings auto-sync with your Google calendar and can be edited or deleted from there as well. You can see all of your calendar events with that contact in their profile (seen below) or the upcoming view with your additional reminders and events.

You may edit your events by clicking on the event from either the contact's profile or upcoming view. This will bring you to your calendar editor where you can make changes.

Events from the Upcoming View 

You can also schedule events from our Upcoming view using the same process as above. The only difference is that no contact will be automatically invited to the event, making it a good way to schedule things for yourself.

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