Step 1: 

If you find yourself with our search feature not working, we have a workaround that could help. First, click your Follow Up Personal CRM icon and click Manage Extensions, and/or go to your extensions by typing in Chrome://Extensions: 

Step 2: 

Then you want to click on background/background.html to pull up another menu.   

Step 3: 

Then click the applications tab towards the top of this new screen. 

Step 4: 

You may have to give yourself more room, so you can see all of the data needed. 

Step 5:

Once you have a better view, click Clear Storage in the menu towards the top left in most cases. 

Step 6: 

Then you will want to clear your site data - make sure everything is checked and click the Clear Site Data Button. 

Step 7: 

Now that this part is out of the way you will want to go back to our extension, disable it, and refresh your Gmail. Go back to step 1 and pull up our extension. Then you want to uncheck the box that is to the right of our app and then check it again. Go back to your Gmail and refresh it. Once that’s completed you should be all set. 

This should correct your search and put it back on track to work as it’s intended. Let us know if your search continues to have problems after trying this. 

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