Tags help you organize your relationships. By tagging contacts, you can easily filter them into specific groups to find exactly who you're looking for.

To add a tag, start by clicking the purple plus icon in the tags section. 

Next, write whatever tag you would like to apply to the contact. You can add both new tags and pre-existing tags you have set on other contacts. If you begin to type in a pre-existing tag it will show in auto complete for easy selection. Once you're done applying tags, click the gray "X" icon.

To view the full list of contacts under a specific tag, click on the tag on one of your contacts. You can now click into any of the contacts under this tag or go back to the original contact profile by clicking the back arrow at the top left (pictured below).

Some great uses of tags are: 

  • Location
  • Business Type
  • Profession
  • Events (the people you've met there) 
  • Projects 

Can I email everyone under a specific tag? 

We are actively working on this feature, which will be available in the near future!

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