Tags are a simple way to organize your relationships. By tagging your contacts, you can easily filter them into specific groups to find exactly who you're looking for.

To add a tag, start by clicking the purple plus icon in the tags section, located on each of your contact's profiles.

Next, write whatever tag you would like to apply to the contact. You can add new tags or pre-existing tags, which will auto-complete as you type them. Once you're done applying tags, click the gray "X" icon.

To view the full list of contacts under a specific tag, you can either click on a tag set on one of your contacts, or select a tag from the home view (pictured below).

Once you're inside a tag you can take a number of actions: 

  1. Click "Compose Email" to open a compose window including everyone with the tag.
  2. Select "Add Contact" to add more contacts to the tag you're viewing.
  3. Click into any of the contacts under this tag to view their profile.
  4. Go back to the original the previous view by clicking the back arrow at the top left. 

Adding tags from Threads

You can also tag everyone in an email thread at the same time.  Just click the tags field from the thread view and then select or (or create in this case) a new tag.

Some great tags we like to use are: 

  • Location
  • Profession
  • Business Type
  • Events (the people you've met there) 
  • Projects 
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