What is the difference between FollowUp for email, and FollowUp The Personal CRM?

FollowUp for email is a productivity suite that keeps your conversations and tasks from slipping though the cracks. FollowUp Personal CRM is a relationship management tool that helps you stay on top of your network.

How do I get help? 

Email: hello@followup.cc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePersonalCRM
Help Center: help.personalcrm.followup.cc
Live Chat via Our Home Page: personalcrm.followup.cc 

How much do you cost? 

All of our pricing can be located here

How do I cancel or change my billing plan? 

Email us hello@followup.cc  for any billing related questions. 

Can I have more time on my trial? 

To receive more time on your trial email us hello@followup.cc and request additional time with the product. 

How can I get a demo? 

Email us at hello@followup.cc and let us know what times you are available! The demo itself takes about 10 min (usually less), including any questions you may have. 

Do you have a mobile app?

 At the moment - FollowUp does not have a mobile app. We do have plans to build one and we will discuss the plans for a mobile app when we have more details. 

Do you work with other platforms other than Gmail? 

Currently, only Gmail and GSuite email accounts are supported with FollowUp. We are actively exploring other email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange. Emails us hello@followup.cc to let us know what emails you want to see supported. 

Do you work with other SaaS apps, or have other integrations? 

FollowUp Personal CRM currently does not have any other integrations like Zapier, etc. If you wish to have your favorite apps integrated with FollowUp let us know via email or on social media. 

Can I use 24hr/Military Time when scheduling specific features? 

We have discovered through our extensive testing, that 24 hr time will not work as intended within our app, so it is not accessible as a feature within our app. 

What is an email alias? 

In our pricing page, we reference email aliases. Aliases are simply other emails that you own, that you want to use with the service. Aliases are not additional users, and are not extra users that are not you. 

Can I get a refund? 

No refunds will be given. The only exception would be if FollowUp processed something incorrectly.

If I add someone who is not me, how does my pricing change? 

We charge per user/seat, so take the number of users, including yourself, and multiply that by your annual/monthly charge. 

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